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Property Sourcing

Primextate Bespoke Sourcing helps locate exclusive and off-market residential and commercial properties. We work with individuals and institutional investors who want to avoid public glare and are looking for properties that are not publicly advertised.

Thanks to our extensive network of real estate professionals, we can unearth the most exclusive residential and commercial properties for you. 

Club Governance

Primextate secures and facilitates commission sharing between members.

Primextate can collect a percentage commission from the seller member to guarantee payment of the co-brokerage commission to the buyer member.

Deal Flow

Our deal flow is designed to secure and streamline the transaction process.

Our Secure Platform

Primextate’s proprietary platform enables members to publish properties in complete confidentiality; only Primextate members can have access to Primextate’s private listings which are protected by NDAs.

Our platform allows members to express interest, to exchange confidential information via our data room and to close transaction using our private sale and online auction transaction formats.

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