Primextate is not only a private network of real estate professionals specialised in off-market real estate but a technology and a service company.

Our mission is to serve the global real estate broker community.

Unlike most PropTech companies, our aim is not to disintermediate. We provide real estate brokers and agents with digital tools. These digital tools will enable them to better meet their clients’ expectations.

We do not believe that disintermediation is a threat to the high end real estate market. We are of the opinion that disintermediation makes sense in a mass market context. The dynamics of the international luxury property market follow a different pattern, akin to the pattern of the fine art market.

In an advisor-client relationship, trust is the most important factor. We, at Primextate, understand this. That’s why we’ve built a secure platform where our members and their customers can carry out transactions safely, away from the public eye.

We are a team of technologists, property and financial professionals. We combine more than 60 years of experience and we share the same passion for the luxury and off-market real estate.

We also share the same set of values and the same code of ethics; we believe that our code of ethics removes unwanted friction and fosters trust between our members.

Primextate is therefore a hybrid model combining technology, a community of experts, exceptional properties and personal attention.

Bertrand Rassat

Bertrand Rassat

Co-founder & Managing Director

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