You can trust our members; we verify our buyers and sellers.

You can trust our private and secure environment.

You benefit from a global exposure to unique properties and to pools of qualified international buyers.

You can create exclusivity between you and your clients by inviting them to your private client space.

Primextate faciliates and secures the exchange of payment between the buyer member and seller member.

And the standard membership is free of charge.


You can brand Primextate as your own white-label application; we will customise the application with your logo, colours and fonts.

You can embed Primextate within your own web site using either your own URL or using one of our pre-defined URLs.

You can take advantage of Primextate’s stock of luxury properties and its global community of members.

You can build your community of brokers and manage transactions with your members and Primextate members.

Primextate charges a monthly fee for the Premium version and only levies a small management fee thus leaving your upside uncapped.


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