PrimeAuction is a private sale of a property, usually conducted by the PrimeAuction team or an auctioneer, and governed by strict rules.

Our platform creates an exciting and compelling online auction experience that streamlines transactions and promotes fair market value through an open bidding process. A sale through the PrimeAuction platform eliminates uncertainty by providing all parties with clearly defined terms, a fixed timeline, and pre-prepared due diligence


1) Discretion: properties are only revealed to qualified buyers. This allows us to avoid false or curious buyers and to leave room for real potential buyers who will have the right to visit the property for sale, before the auction.

2) Location of the sale: Owners can choose to sell via the Internet platform and/or in situ (in this case, the sale of the property is carried out by an auctioneer). A presentation event can also be organised before the sale.

3) Qualification: Potential buyers are thoroughly screened to ensure their creditworthiness and purchasing power.

4) Financial gain: Private auctions often result in a final sale price above the reserve price, sometimes exceeding the most optimistic expectations of the owners.


Our team, responsible for the private real estate auction sector in French-speaking Switzerland, is composed of:

Myriam Ballara, active for more than 10 years in real estate sales.
Fabrizio Izzo, from the world of finance, with extensive experience in the field of institutional and residential real estate.

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