LONDON : 13/11/2020 – PRIMEXTATE, a private venue for luxury residential and commercial transactions, today announces its partnership with Baerz & Co, a European marketing leader in luxury homes. The aim is to offer Baerz & Co agency members the opportunity to benefit from Primextate’s global reach and trading platform.

The integration with more than 70 of Baerz & Co Group’s leading European members will dramatically expand Primextate’s European footprint.

The partnership will enable Baerz & Co agency members to access Primextate’s private sales and online private auctions as well as gain exposure to its private community of property professionals.

Primextate and Baerz & Co will be able to offer their respective members extended exposure and digital transaction tools adapted to today’s challenges.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Baerz & Co ; this partnership allows Primextate to further increase our footprint in Europe and to offer Baerz & Co Members a secured environment where they can transact in complete confidence” says Bertrand Rassat, CEO of Primextate Ltd.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Primextate today to further expand our reach to both international buyers and sellers of high end properties. In the real estate brokerage industry digitisation plays a growing role, so we will never stop to integrate the best available tools that increase the ability to close deals for our Member Agencies ” says Peter Beerents, CEO of Baerz & Co


Primextate Ltd is an online private venue for high end residential and commercial properties.

About BAERZ & CO

Baerz & Co is an international marketing leader in luxury home development, -brokerage, relocation and settlement services.

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