Once you have registered, you can log into the PRIMEXTATE PLATFORM. The PRIMEXTATE PLATFORM is a transactional platform. Its purpose is to facilitate online transactions.

You then land on the Profile Page where your registered details are displayed.

You can edit those details and insert a logo to personalise your workspace.


You can browse the properties posted on PRIMEXTATE by other real estate brokers.

You have access to the details of those properties. Those details are confidential and cannot be shared with external parties.

You can express an interest in those properties.


You can invite your clients to register and join your private community of users.

These users are exclusive to your membership and confidential.

They cannot be shared or viewed by anyone else.

Please note that you can only invite registered users to attend an auction.


Primextate enables members and their clients to make private offers.

Members of Primextate can invite buyers, approve and accept offers.

Private Sales will display the co-brokerage fee that the member representing the buyer will be entitled to.

Offers are recorded and archived for audit purposes.


Like Properties, you can browse scheduled auctions and view auctions.

You can view any auction displayed on the Auction page.

You can invite any of your registered users to attend an auction, whether it is your auction or another broker’s auction.

You can schedule your own auction.


Once your registered users accepted the Bidder’s Terms, they can access the Auction Page and place a bid.

PRIMEXTATE timed auctions or timed bidding don’t have an auctioneer calling the bids. Timed auctions / bidding are just a bidding window and whoever bids highest during the time window wins.

All bids are anonymous.

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