As a real estate broker, you represent demanding buyers and investors who are looking to acquire exclusive international properties
Your clients want to remain confidential and want the search to be limited to off-market properties
Buying off-market involves a lot of research and you are likely to rely on third parties to source international properties
If you rely on other agencies, your search will only be as good as their off-market portfolio
You may look for buying agents but by doing it you are removing yourself from the actual search
And the opacity of many off-market portals make the sellers commitment difficult to assess
Finally, even if those third parties were to have the right property, how do you know it is valued at the right price?
Too often, off-market properties are overpriced as they are shielded from competition
What if you had access to an off-market network of international real estate brokers?
Who could give you global exposure to exclusive properties without compromising the confidential nature of your search?
And who are incentivised to have committed sellers?
And what if, on top of it, you had a transparent mechanism whereby you and your client could achieve the true market value of the property?
If such solution existed, would you be interested?
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