As a real estate agent / broker, I am struggling to find buyers for my luxury property
Could it be overpriced?
But my client may not wish to reduce the listed price
How can I unlock the stalemate?
You would like to test a lower price point to see if there is a market
But without compromising the listed price; you and your seller do not want to create a price discrepancy
You therefore need to keep the new price point confidential and off-market so that it does not affect your listing
But you do not want to restrict your exposure to potential buyers
In fact, you would like to make sure you can get access to the largest pool of buyers from all over the world
But not just any buyer; you want these buyers to be vetted and qualified
Because you want to make sure that the dealings will remain off-market
And that your time and effort will yield results and accelerate the transaction
Finally, you need to have guarantees that your full commissions will be protected
If this solution makes sense, then PRIMEXTATE is your answer
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