The ability to access cash is essential in the current environment, where some wealthy investors see opportunities.

Real estate is one of the main asset classes held by ultra-rich families, accounting for more than one-fifth of family office assets.

Rather than dismantling existing real estate portfolios when markets are down, these ultra-rich families are instead looking to increase their assets.

For those with large real estate portfolios, real estate can be a cheap source of capital. Because real estate assets are not necessarily correlated with the stock market, they can be used as collateral to generate cash. And with historically low interest rates, there has never been a better time to borrow.

The health crisis we are experiencing and its economic impact are transforming some luxury real estate portfolios into distressed portfolios ripe for picking.

In today’s world, cash is king and the ultra-rich are in the best position to take advantage of a buyer’s market.

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